List name Post address Description
WG-OSSI [Archive Only] This is the Open Source Support Initiative Work Group Mail List
WG-OTTO This is the Open Trust Taxonomy for OAuth2 Work Group Mail List
WG-P3 This is the Privacy and Public Policy Work Group (P3WG) list.
Wg-pemc This is the PEMC Work Group mail list.
WG-RIUP This is the RIUP Work Group mail list.
WG-TelcoID [Archive Only] Telecommunications ID WG mail list.
WG-TFMM [Archive Only] This is the Trust Framework Meta Model WG mail list.
WG-UMA This is the User Managed Access WG mail list.
WG-UMADev [Archive Only] This is the User-Managed Access Developer Resources Work Group Mail List
Wsf-dev WSF-DEF
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